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  • 07 Apr 16
  • Posted by admin

Iare Pekhit (GDS)

Iare Pekhit about art projects Eco Impulse and Uare Qalaqs 2016 (Care for the city)

  • 07 Apr 16
  • Posted by admin

Urban Collapse - David Meskhi/Salome Machaidze

Duration: 2:47 min

The Video by David Meskhi and Salome Machaidze Relived is a synthesis of various media. Image, poetry, and rhythm of sequencing shots come alive together in communication with the audience. The nature and the mechanic forces idealized in the video let youngsters surf in wooden boards with the energy of the wind. Like a colorful dream, the video bursts into the reality of a city, colorless from dust and airlessness. The glorified image of nature disappears and reappears from time to time by means of digital faults. The Errors inside the storefront indicate the utopian reality present in the artwork. The video projected through 7 screens is protected from the city chaos by the storefront glass like a museum exhibit. The video installation Relived confronts the city’s lifeless environment and emphasizes the faults of the reality surrounding us.

Music: TBA Tusja Beridze for When earth seems to be light
Fashion line by NAUKA
Text – Order of Emerald Fortune - Katas tropa / Cat astrophe
Video from GOSLAB production 
Additional footage of   documentary - When earth seems to be light (Salome Machaidze, David Meskhi, Tamuna Karumidze)

  • 28 Mar 16
  • Posted by admin

Urban Collapse - Pantellei/Hanker[11TH]

Audio visual work ‘Textures’ is collaboration of Pantellei and Hanker. The fragments of the city are blinking on the screen - night lighting, concrete, steel structures, trees. Artists use moving, almost abstract shots of emptied night Tbilisi, musical beats are in line with the shots of nature. Urban texture on the screen is created by the sequence of lifeless elements and animate nature.

Sandro Kozmanashvili new album Hanker - Hankering, Track - Generative Dialogues

  • 28 Mar 16
  • Posted by admin

Urban Collapse - Gio Sumbadze

ხეLOVEნება (Tree_LOVE_WILL)

Duration : 06:57 min

Gio sumbadze calls out for Tbilisi’s current urban, environmental and ecological problems through his video art piece ხეLOVEნება. The artist crafts precise attention to

the plant’s growing process by imaginatively visualizing a tree growing against the city’s noisy background.

  • 28 Mar 16
  • Posted by admin

Urban Collapse - Giorgi Mozgovoi

Imitation of Freedoom

69 Dislikes

Duration: 3:17 min.  

The current reality of Tbilisi infrastructure is very harsh, the situation becomes worse every day. Public spaces are overtaken, the community does not have access to it, it is almost impossible to move around the city, the government does nothing to solve this problem. It seems like freedom is merely simulation.

What is a human who cannot move freely and whose right for peaceful deliberation in a healthy environment is restricted?

  • 28 Mar 16
  • Posted by admin

Urban Collapse (Rustavi 2)

Urban Collapse
February 20 - March 18, 2016
Iare Pekhit (Walk) / Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project 

Participating Artists:
Giorgi Mozgovoi, Panteley Sharia, Gio Sumbadze, David Meskhi, Salome Machaidze.

Project Curator: Mariam Tsikaridze

Urban Collapse is a series of video art public projections, on our community’s urgent urban issues. The original works of video art, created for the project Urban Collapse, represent current urban, social, ecological and public issues as viewed by a new generation of artists. We stress the importance of public space, giving it new meaning through artist intervention, restoring the connection between the city and its citizens.



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