Enhancing Pedestrian Rights in Georgia

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We want to give the pubic space back to its rightful owners, the people who live in it. And that is why we set up an association in which we mentor, empower, learn from, and partner with communities, governments, corporations and NGOs. 

The association functions online and offline.

Online: we have a collaborative web-platform to serve our communities. It brings people together in one online space and facilitates meaningful social interactions. The results are innovative community supported solutions to problems that matter. It is a space where people can co-develop initiatives collaboratively and effectively.

Offline: our association is being driven by a democratically elected board, functioning indendently and autonomously. We organize public lectures, discussions, meetings with government officials, street actions, and anything a member would like to initiate!

Part of this project are also three public art contests. Fifteen public art installations are selected and placed in specific parts of Tbilisi.

The project duration is 18 months. The project is implemented with support of the UNDEF (United Nations Democracy Fund). 

Start date : 2015-07-01 End date : 2015-08-31

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