• 14 Dec 15
  • Posted by admin

Urban Activists Change Draft Law in Favor of Pedestrians

We are extremely happy to announce that our protest against Deputy Jatchvliani’s proposed bill, has led the Human Rights Committee of Parliament to amend the draft law in favor of pedestrians. The newly proposed amendments focus, particularly, on penalizing cars which block ramps for persons with disabilities.

We are disappointed that Tbilisi City Hall neither showed any interest in the draft law, nor participated in the committee discussions, nor presented a written statement on the issue.

However, we appreciate that the Ministry of Interior welcomed our input and emphasized the importance of protecting rights of persons with disabilities in its own version of the draft law.

On December 6th, Iare Pekhit and the Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads organized a protest against a bill which would not allow the towing of illegally parked cars.

Iare Pekhit is currently researching and analyzing pedestrian related laws, and will draft a new proposal in the upcoming months. We will campaign and advocate this law together with other civil society organizations, social movements, experts, and our community, to ensure the protection of pedestrian rights.

We would like to thank all who joined our protest action - either in person or in spirit - for your support. Engagement of each citizen, you, drives the change which will define the future of our city.

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