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We work to improve the rights of pedestrians in GeorgiaThree years ago we decided that enough is enough. And Iare Pekhit was created. We started with two little art projects, but have developed into an organization which lobbies, advocates and organizes for the rights of pedestrians.

We are creative problem-solvers, who try different tactics to return the public space to its rightful owners. 

Georgia never had time to think and plan a future, especially not with regards to city planning. By giving the public space back to its rightful owners, through education, raising awareness, and lobbying, we redesign the future we deserve ourselves.

Our goal is to achieve impact at a large scale and we organize ourselves for progress in a participatory manner. You can become a member. We firmly believe that gaining a shared understanding of issues is a key enabler for building shared solutions together as communities and societies. Discover and draw inspiration from your community here


Advancing pedestrian rights and developing public spaces in Georgia


Turning Georgia's ubran areas into pedestrian friendly spaces 


OUR MOTTO - A pedestrian friendly Georgia.

PARTNERSHIP- We create space for collaboration, through which real change is possible.

APPROACH -  We approach challenges in a dynamic way, from street actions with grass root initiatives and small community groups, to working with local governments.   

ART FOR ADVOCACY -  We believe in collaboration with artists to inspire, educate, and reach out and unite different groups towards a single cause. 

ACCOUNTABILITY -  We are accountable to our donors, partners and society. We maintain the organization's transparency and high accountability level. 

LIFE-LONG LEARNING  - We continue to innovate, learning and sharing ideas which are the best possible solutions to the challenges we face.








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